Our Mission

To revitalize home ownership in America by selling properties at affordable prices, and by offering transparent and attractive seller financing with fixed rates and low monthly payments.


When the real estate market began to crash in 2006 and 2007, we researched the market for hidden opportunities and anomalies in real estate trends and pricing. With the dramatic depreciation and with the tightened lending by banks and servicers, we found that we could successfully run a real estate business and help families and individuals . We purchase properties at discounts from banks in bulk and then sell those homes through seller financing programs.


There are many eager and potential homeowners across the U.S. that would love to own their own home and deserve to as well, but are unable to because of the tightened lending practices by today’s banks and servicers. Because of this trend, we are well positioned to sell homes to families and investors with verified credit and income, via seller financing.