The Affordable Solution to
your Home Buying Needs

Harris Investments, LLC is committed to providing affordable housing primarily through selling single family and multifamily properties through seller-financing programs.

Due to the current real estate market conditions, we are able to sell move-in ready and almost move-in ready homes to families and individuals on monthly payment programs.

The monthly payments are often under the market rent for comparable homes in the subject property’s neighborhood.


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This is my first time owning a home and I love it! I was a renter for 15 years and was always at the landlordís mercy. I told my daughter this is going to be hers when Iím gone!
- V. Flynn
Chicago, IL

Your program has allowed me to own a home! This is my first time owning and I donít ever plan on leaving!
-J. McClain
St. Louis, MO

I wouldnít have been able to be a homeowner again if it wasnít for your company. Everyone I spoke with at your company had a great attitude. Transaction was smooth with everything as promised, nothing hidden.
-Lansing, MI
J. Custer

I am so happy with my purchase, Oh Yes!! This is my first time purchasing and I was able to purchase two properties! My total monthly payments for BOTH homes is less than what I was paying in rent for one home.
-R. Bailey
Chicago, IL

I am so happy with my purchase and being a homeowner is the way to go! I am crazy about your company and all that you have done for me. The house is coming along just fine and Iím looking to purchase another!b
-B. Gaither
Atlanta, GA

I donít have to worry about wasting money on rent because I own my own home! The house is great. If you have any more properties in the area, I would love to jump on it! Thank You for everything!!
-M. Rogers
Gary, IN

My house exceeded my expectations. I am staying here until I buy another house from you and turn this one into a rental! Everyone at your company is always so happy to help me.
-D. Cummings
Saginaw, MI

Great investment! You were very professional and easy to work with. This property will make money for me!
-A. Banta
Fort Worth, TX